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so found this and harem of the princess but i want to  ask if they  are the same game or you accidentally put the same exact description for booth games. at first i saw  this and thought someone was trying to rip you of

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Seems this one came first (March) but 'harem of the princess' (First release in October) updates more recent and use different assets, they both the same story so its either, same writer or 'harem of the princess' stole all the attention so this one died. either way, this one hasn't updated since end of last year (two months after the other release date).

I like this, can't wait for more

I'm overall liking the look and concept of this. My only issues with this are:

-Lack of player choice in anything

-A few grammar/spelling errors (but everything is at least understandable)

-Infrequent Updates

I look forward to seeing how the game develops, and hopefully these issues will fix over time.


Some more details about the game and story would be nice.